Liverpool manager Rafael Benitez was very careful when preparing for the clash with Manchester United that lunchtime, as he hoped to disrupt the pendulum of the title race. Benitez didn’t have it his way as an injury to Alvaro Arbeloa during the warm-up forced a personnel change and a positional change too. The experienced Sami Hyypia came in at centre-half, while club legend Jamie Carragher moved to the right back of defence.

Liverpool had dismantled Real Madrid 4-0 on a great UEFA Champions League night at Anfield earlier in the week. But they are seven points behind the Red Devils as they make the trip down East Lancs Road.
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Andrea Dossena Remembers His Memories with Football

Andrea Dossena remembers his best days of football. The former player was a regular at the full-back position at Napoli, Palermo, and Liverpool. He is reliving his memories of this emerging health crisis. He is waiting to see his elderly father again to watch a football match either on the ground or in a bar and enjoy it like they used to do before. He had a lot of fun when he was associated with football. He still remembers his training days at Crema where he started for three months. He hopes that they can recover, but it is tough especially when it comes to Serie D. This is because the presidents have become firm and they have blocked many companies and this crisis has made the situation suffocating for them.

Dossena also relieved his memories of playing at Liverpool. It was the magic of Anfield for him. Those eighteen months were unforgettable for him. It was an unapproachable temple of the sport football because any player had to wait for five to eight years just to subscribe at that point in time. Then he went back to Italy and played for Napoli. But he then realized the passion of the South which was overwhelming for him as he only played in England or the North.
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Liverpool start to the season has been near perfect with the reds dropping a solitary point this season away to Manchester United. Jurgen Klopp’s side have turned to a juggernaut capable of wearing down stubborn opposition.

They can also break with devastating pace against quality teams which makes them a deadly combination of power and precision. One area where the club has seen remarkable improvement is in the fullback positions.

Dybala to Pick-Up Liverpool or Man City

Claims have been made by Andrea Dossena that either Liverpool or Manchester City will be picked up by Paulo Dybala over Manchester United. The main reason for choosing either of them is that the Red’s or the Manchester United club is known as a work-in-progress. Andrea has played many of his matches with Paulo who hails from Argentina and so he believes that Paulo would not have reservations if he received any offers from both the sides of reds and city because they are at a better position to win the Champions League.

In the meanwhile, Dossena has some suggestions for Dybala. He says Dybala has the chances of becoming successful at Premier League because of the drastic changes in philosophy seen in the English football games recently. He also set examples of Juan Mata and Philippe Coutinho who have seen Premier League successes for Manchester United and Liverpool respectively. Andrea Dossena also said that many of the players just like Dybala were given the advice to play against England in the past several times. Paulo Dybala is currently with Juventus and he is very much hesitant to leave the club right now because they have strong chances of winning the Champions Leagues this season.
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Liverpool favorite to win Champions League

Former Liverpool player Andrea Dossena believes that the Reds are the favorite to win the Champions League. He believes that they have the stronger team and that there is no doubt that they will be beating Tottenham Hotspur in the final.

He said that Liverpool has been really consistent this season and that they have only been beaten once this season and he does not think that Tottenham Hotspur will be able to beat them easily.
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