Dybala to Pick-Up Liverpool or Man City

Claims have been made by Andrea Dossena that either Liverpool or Manchester City will be picked up by Paulo Dybala over Manchester United. The main reason for choosing either of them is that the Red’s or the Manchester United club is known as a work-in-progress. Andrea has played many of his matches with Paulo who hails from Argentina and so he believes that Paulo would not have reservations if he received any offers from both the sides of reds and city because they are at a better position to win the Champions League.

In the meanwhile, Dossena has some suggestions for Dybala. He says Dybala has the chances of becoming successful at Premier League because of the drastic changes in philosophy seen in the English football games recently. He also set examples of Juan Mata and Philippe Coutinho who have seen Premier League successes for Manchester United and Liverpool respectively. Andrea Dossena also said that many of the players just like Dybala were given the advice to play against England in the past several times. Paulo Dybala is currently with Juventus and he is very much hesitant to leave the club right now because they have strong chances of winning the Champions Leagues this season.
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Liverpool favorite to win Champions League

Former Liverpool player Andrea Dossena believes that the Reds are the favorite to win the Champions League. He believes that they have the stronger team and that there is no doubt that they will be beating Tottenham Hotspur in the final.

He said that Liverpool has been really consistent this season and that they have only been beaten once this season and he does not think that Tottenham Hotspur will be able to beat them easily.
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Andrea Dossena worth almost a million in 2018

Andrea Dossena (11 Sept. 1981) from Lodi, Lombardy, Italy is a left back or a left winger i.e playing a rugged defence as well as a strong attacker. He has played for Udinese (2006-2008), Liverpool (2008-2010), Napoli (2010-2013), Sunderland (2013-2014), Leyton Orient (2014) so far.

Moving on to his net worth he was one of the very few professional football players with a pretty good net worth i.e supposed to be almost around a million in 2018.
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Liverpool needs to strengthen

Former Liverpool player Andrea Dossena believes that the team should strengthen during the January transfer window if they want to win the title. He said that the Anfield side is in a good position in the league and that this could be a unique opportunity for them to win the title and that they should do everything they can in order to strengthen the team.

He said that there are plenty of games to be played in the Premier League as well as the Champions League and that Liverpool appears to be short in some areas. He hopes that the team will seize the opportunity of the transfer window in order to strengthen the team.
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Dossena on Liverpool

Former Liverpool defender Andrea Dossena believes that Liverpool can win the title this season if they managed to be consistent. He said that Jurgen Klopp has built a team that can challenge Manchester City for the title and that the players should stand behind him.

He said that it has been a long time since Liverpool had a team that can win the Premier League and he feels that the current one can help them achieve that.
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Ahead of the epic clash between Real Madrid and Liverpool in Kiev on May 26, we look at a few other times the European heavyweights have clashed on and off the field.

Both sides are among the most successful sides in European continental football history. They have 15 European cups between team and 50 league titles. Their rivalry in Europe dates back to the 1980s when they met at Parc des Princes. After winning the 1977 and 1978 titles, Liverpool sought to win another in 1981 against Madrid. Madrid were yet to win in over a decade so they were desperate. Well, Alan Kennedy scored eight minutes from time to ensure Liverpool were crowned champs for the third time.