Dybala to Pick-Up Liverpool or Man City

Claims have been made by Andrea Dossena that either Liverpool or Manchester City will be picked up by Paulo Dybala over Manchester United. The main reason for choosing either of them is that the Red’s or the Manchester United club is known as a work-in-progress. Andrea has played many of his matches with Paulo who hails from Argentina and so he believes that Paulo would not have reservations if he received any offers from both the sides of reds and city because they are at a better position to win the Champions League.

In the meanwhile, Dossena has some suggestions for Dybala. He says Dybala has the chances of becoming successful at Premier League because of the drastic changes in philosophy seen in the English football games recently. He also set examples of Juan Mata and Philippe Coutinho who have seen Premier League successes for Manchester United and Liverpool respectively. Andrea Dossena also said that many of the players just like Dybala were given the advice to play against England in the past several times. Paulo Dybala is currently with Juventus and he is very much hesitant to leave the club right now because they have strong chances of winning the Champions Leagues this season.

Dossena said that the ultimate decision must be made by Dybala himself. But the decision should be an appropriate one. According to his words, if he decides to leave Juventus for joining Manchester United, then he must be very sure that he is able to give time to the club. He must also make himself available so that the whole atmosphere of the Premier League is beneficial to the club.

According to Dossena, it is a tough decision to take as it will not be easy for him to leave Juventus at this stage. For him, United is yet to be ready for chasing Juve for winning big in Europe.