25 thoughts on “Soccer AM 3rd Eye Robbie Keane”

  1. yid is a slang term for a jew , spurs have a massive jewish following and have adopted the the phrase yid army as a badge of honour and players like keane who were spurs through and through are generally known as yids by spurs fans , hope that helps .

  2. to your comment your right in alot , he also prevented , david silva and david villa he wouldnt pay over 20 mil for either, and it was at a time they were saying theyd love to play at liverpool, gutted

  3. Oh ya looking at your page…your a Justin Bieber fan..cant take you seriously sorry..

  4. You are calling him a dickhead for expressing his opinion? I agree with him..Robbie Keane is uselss

  5. Robbie Keane; what a legend! Anyone else see the video for his cheeky goal? Premier League minus Robbie Keane = 🙁

  6. i get the feeling that if this comment was in some kind of English and legible, then it would be the kind of comment I’d expect from a fucking brain dead… tell me, has anyone ever punched your mother hard in the face for conceiving such a sad sack of shit and then trying to get you to speak. If not I will do the world a favour and give her the long overdue slap that her pig face deserves, when she comes around to service our local rugby team again.

  7. what the fuck is your problem? bringing up hillsborough? your the problem with football fans today, have a bit of respect! enjoy the video then fuck off instead of leaving dumbass fucking comments like that

  8. Remember when fat cunt rafa tryd to start on steve brunce then rafa shit himself BAHAHAHA! HILLSBROUGHT CUNTS

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  10. Woah, woah, woah. Hillsborough was a disaster, just like Munich. United fan, I am. Liverpool fans didn’t deserve this, just as we didn’t deserve Munich. City were the one’s singing about it, not Liverpool. And also, Liverpool are the most successful English club of all-time. Yes they haven’t done as well as they have done in recent years, but at the time, they were challenging us for the Premier League. Anyone who comes second in a league like this deserves a pat on the back.

  11. Thought you’d have nothing to say you bitter cunt WE ARE CHAMPIONS NOW FUCK OFF.

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