The agent of Andrea Dossena has said that Dossena will not be put on sale by his club Napoli during the mid season transfer window. In the last few days, there have been speculations that Napoli might release Dossena during the mid season transfer window. But, his agent has completely denied the reports of his transfer.

However, the agent admitted that some clubs are interested to sign Dossena, but, those clubs would not be able to buy him because Napoli would not let him go.

Dossena has been playing for Napoli since the last two years. He had joined the club in January 2010. Napoli had bought him from Liverpool after paying a transfer fee of 4.25 million Euros.

Dossena had played his first match in the Serie A against Palermo on 17th January 2010. That match ended in a goalless draw. In the first couple of seasons, Dossena’s performance was not that impressive, but, in the last season, he performed brilliantly. In Napoli’s final game of the season against Siena, Dossena scored a couple of goals with the help of which Napoli won that match by 2-1 and thus, also won the Europa League football. He was praised by Waltar Mazzari, the manager of Napoli, at the end of the season. But, Dossena hasn’t been able to show the same kind of form in the ongoing season and that’s why there have been rumours that he might be released by Napoli in January.

When asked about the transfer of Dossena, his agent said, “Dossena’s performance was outstanding in the later part of the last season and the Napoli boss wants him in the team. So, there is no possibility of him being put on sale during the mid season transfer window.”