Andrea Dossena lacks a huge title in his collection

Andrea Dossena is one of the more well-known and recognized players in the world of football as the Italian player have made his way through a number of different clubs and leagues. Udinese, Sunderland, Napoli and Liverpool are the notable teams that Andrea Dossena has performed in during his extensive playing career.

Even though the Italian player has made over 300 appearances throughout and performed in some of the biggest stages in the world such as: The Champions League, the Premier League, Serie A, Dossena has struggled trying to add big titles to his collection.

Dossena has never managed to lift any domestic titles or any significantly important European pieces of silverware for any of his teams which is very disappointing for such an experienced player who never truly managed to stand out and make a name for himself in football.

At the age of 34, Dossena is reaching the twilight of his career and he’s currently for the Swiss club FC Chiasso. A few months ago, he was involved in a shoplifting incident which occurred in Harrods when he was in the department store along with his wife and son.

When Dossena was buying items in a store with his family, it seems like there still were unpaid products which ended up in possession of the Italian player and after the alarm of the store went off, he was eventually arrested.

After this incident was over, Dossena voiced his disappointment in what had happened as he said that he was treated like a terrorist.

Dossena said they were handcuffed, “as you would do with a terrorist. I was obviously in disbelief, not only because of that gesture but because I didn’t know what was going on. I hadn’t realized the mistake we’d made.

The Italian player later went on to say that he would take legal action about what occurred but no actions have been taken by Dossena as the experienced player wants to focus the remaining years of his playing career with his current club and avoid any unnecessary drama.

The 34 year old player is trying to help out Chiasso in their task of escaping the bottom relegation zone of the Swiss Challenge League.